Chance Vintage

Chance After Dark Spaces 5/27/22



Select the space you’d like to purchase to promote or sell  products from your business at.

All spaces are 7‘ Deep x 6’ Wide. Enough for 2-3 tables, 1-3 racks, or different combinations of 3 large pieces of hardware wether racks or tables, including space for a chair. 
You may buy 2 or more spaces next to each other to expand your space usage. 

Spaces 1-8 have Shelving + Racks against the wall,
Spaces 14-18 have double racks against the wall.
Spaces 10-13 don’t have any walls and would be more ideal for walk-thru style set ups.
Spaces 19-24 are OUTSIDE, within the shops entry hall.

Please be mindful of space characteristics when selecting your space. 

For further information please email or DM us at @chancevintage 

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